SEPT. 5TH 2019

VERTICAL BOGNANCO FONTI                        

03.00-04.30 PM: Subscriptions in the Ticket Office of Parco Termale

05.00 PM: Start Vertical

From 07.30 PM: Pasta Party in Dancing Rubino Bognanco Fonti

08.30 PM: Awards ceremony

SEPT. 6TH 2019   


03.00 PM: subscriptions for International Veia Sky Race

06:00 PM: Technical briefing with Walter Moroni and Fabrizio Manoni. Presentation, interviews and delivery of race bibs to the Top Runners

sept. 7th 2019

villaggio la veia

 06.00 AM: opening of subscriptions

07.00 AM: closing of subscriptions

07.20 AM: meeting of athletes in the start line

07.30 AM: technical briefing of 31Km race in the start-line

07.40 AM: start of the 31Km

09.05 AM: technical Briefing for 15Km in the start line

09.10 AM: start of 15Km

10.15 AM: forecasted arrival of the first athletes

From 12.00 : Pasta Party in Villaggio la Veia

03.00 PM: Awards ceremony

For all supporters and non-runners, the Pasta Party has a cost of € 10,00

Team Race La Veia -  28865 Crevoladossola -VB- ITALIA - Codice Fiscale  93037410037 - P.Iva  024109300